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‘Captain Marvel’ is a week away. Do people still suck?

What bothered me was people were not going to watch Captain Marvel based on one thing.

Last month I wrote an article about how the upcoming Captain Marvel movie has caused me to lose faith in humanity. With the next MCU installment about a week away, it seemed a good time to re-examine that stance. Was I jumping the gun based on a comment or two I had come across?

In a nutshell, I was worried about how people would respond to Captain Marvel. Whether people like a movie or not is irrelevant to me. Movies are subjective and we all have different tastes. One of the things that make talking about movies so fun is the number of different opinions they bring. Life just is not as interesting when everyone has the exact same viewpoint.

What bothered me was people were not going to watch Captain Marvel based on one thing: the fact that she is a female. The biggest fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were upset simply because a female was going to star in a movie. There were excuses about Brie Larson not smiling enough and her hating white men or people suddenly being angry at too powerful of a superhero being introduced, but it all came down to one reason. For some reason people were upset that a woman was starring in an MCU release.

A person telling someone else not to see a bad movie is not a bad thing. In fact, we rely on the opinions of others to sometimes help steer us in the right direction we are unsure of what to do. And if you do not want to see a movie based on the gender of who the star is, that is completely up to you. It is short sighted and in the end you are only depriving yourself, but we all have the right to make our own choices.

What people should not do is force their agenda on others. You hate strong women, or diversity, or “SJWs”? Fine. Go hang out with the rest of your narrow minded friends and talk about how awful things have gotten since women have been given the right to vote. But smear campaigns designed for no other reason than to attack its supposed message of female empowerment is silly. Especially, when you have not even seen the movie.

Surely, it cannot be that bad? Well, according to Rotten Tomatoes, only 35% of people want to see this movie. In other words, for those who are on the fence and want to check online to help make a decision, the vast majority of people do not want to see this movie. But what does this have to do with toxic fans? Could it be that no one is interested in Captain Marvel?

That is certainly a reasonable question to ask. However, the numbers simply do not add up in this case. Last week, AiPT! reported Captain Marvel was only behind Black Panther in advance ticket sales.  It is among and Fandago and IMDB’s most anticipated movies of 2019. How can a movie with so much buzz be so reviled? The answer is simpler than one would think.


People suck.

The news Rotten Tomatoes is removing “want to see” scores speaks to the problem. It is a step in the right direction, but the fact the issue even has to be addressed is a problem. The idea that groups of people would gather together to protest against a movie is nothing new. However, these were cases of trying to make or prevent change. In the case of Captain Marvel, there is no point. It is simply to sabotage a movie just for the sake of hating.

But if I judged everyone based on the actions of the vocal minority how was I any better? Besides, I cannot  just cherry pick the facts that fit my narrative.

After all, this is not the first time trolls have attacked movies. The Last Jedi was attacked unmercifully. The result? Their efforts resulted in it becoming the highest grossing film of 2017. The trolls also attacked last year’s Black Panther. When all was said and done, the movie had grossed over $1 billion and became the first superhero movie nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. In other words, there was no effect whatsoever on the bottom line.

Captain Marvel has been the target of numerous attacks. Judging everyone based on a few comments was wrong and short sighted of me. There was no reason to to lose my faith in humanity just because some people did not want to see the movie. Do all people suck? No. Just most of the ones on the internet.


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