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Hearthstone’s newest expansion is the Rafaam-centric ‘Rise of the Shadows’

Hearthstone’s newest expansion has been revealed: ‘Rise of the Shadows.’

Team 5’s been teasing the next Hearthstone expansion through a series of trailers involving the ‘The Fortune Teller,’ who presaged a “team of plotters and schemers”; a team which includes the likes of villains from Hearthstone expansions past such as King Togwaggle, Hagatha the Witch, Dr. Boom and of course, the team’s mastermind: Rafaam, the Supreme Archaeologist. Rafaam isn’t just the de facto leader of this team — he’s also the crux of the newest expansion, revealed earlier today by Team 5 as “Rise of the Shadows:”

“Rise of the Shadows” introduces the following new in-game elements:

  • New keyword: Twinspell. When you cast a copy of a spell with Twinspell, it adds another copy of itself to your hand.
  • New token cards: Lackeys, 1-mana 1/1 minions with helpful Battlecries attached to specific minions.
  • New mechanic: Schemes, cards which become more powerful in-effect the longer they’re held in your hand — but cost the same Mana as they did initially.

Also, who knew Rafaam could sing like that?

Check out more info on the official “Rise of the Shadows” Hearthstone page.


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