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World of Warcraft’s dev team is seriously considering a level squish

Ready to return back to a world where level 60 is the maximum?

The World of Warcraft development team is considering squishing the maximum level, possibly as low as 60. Game director Ion Hazzikostas talked about it during yesterday’s developer Q&A, which you can watch below.

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"Leveling needs help. Getting most levels in WoW don’t feel great right now," Ion said. "We’ve floated the idea of a level squish a couple times in the past. It’s something that we’re talking about very seriously at the moment internally."

"What if instead of going to 120, you want to 60 again?" He asked. "Every single one of those levels gave you something."

Ion said that the team recognizes that leveling does not feel rewarding or exciting at the moment, and that "that’s not what leveling in an RPG should be."

The concept of "squishing" is nothing new in WoW — player stats have been squished twice, as recently as Battle For Azeroth, to prevent players from having hundreds of millions of hit points or mana points. Item level was also squished in BFA, returning to Lich KingCataclysm levels instead of going above 1000, which is around where items were when Legion ended.

What do you think? Would a level squish be a good idea for the game, or would it feel strange to suddenly lose half your levels?


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