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Hard to Swallow: Galactus’ next meal is far worse than eating Earth in ‘Doctor Strange’ #12

This will be a hard one for Galactus to swallow.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. For more read our review.

Mark Waid has been doing an exceptional job with Doctor Strange since he took it on 12 or so issues ago. The character has suffered greatly, found himself anew in the cosmos, and can even forge his own weapons! In the first part of a new story arc starting in Doctor Strange #12, Doctor Strange is facing off against one of the most powerful forces in the universe: Galactus. Well, not directly. As we soon learn though, he will have to.

In the issue, Doctor Strange is made a prisoner of an alien mage. That alien wants revenge on Galactus for attacking his people.

But where!?

That can’t be good, right? Doctor Strange explains…

Soon after Doctor Strange takes it upon himself to save the universe. Just another day for the greatest sorcerer, but there’s a little problem.

Yep, he’s too late! Now the question we’re all wondering is, if Galactus eats a magical orb in the Mystic Realm just how powerful does he become? And for that matter does he gain magical abilities? We’ll have to find out in issue #13.

I highly recommend you read the full issue. It’s a good one!


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