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You won’t believe the new Kryptonian technology revealed in ‘Action Comics’ #1009

You definitely did not see this in Zack Snyder’s Superman movie.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

Brian Michael Bendis has certainly made a name for himself on Action Comics over the last year or so. In the last issue we even thought he killed off Lois Lane’s father, but can anyone really die in comics? Find out in #1009!

In the latest issue out today, Bendis is adding to the Kryptonian culture and it comes via a new gizmo. Or at the very least, a technology we don’t see Superman utilize often.

At the end of issue #1009 (I recommend you read the whole issue FYI), Lois Lane suggests they go undercover to take out Leviathan.

Paltry glasses won’t cut it, obviously.

It appears Lois Lane wants to do a little cosplay as Chaz Donen with Clark playing Andi Donen. How can they pull this one off?

Apparently, a gizmo Lois found in a box! As Superman prepares for the transformation we all have to hand it to Bendis to drop a fun gizmo from Krytpon into the plot.

Alright, that is one groovy look.

You can purchase Action Comics #1009 today!


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