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WonderCon 2019: DC Celebrates Batman’s 80th Birthday with cake and a hall of fame reveal

WonderCon attendees were treated to an awesome celebration of the caped crusader.

As astonishing as it is to say aloud, today marks The Dark Knight’s 80th birthday. To celebrate, DC Comics threw one helluva birthday party at WonderCon 2019, replete with a killer panel, delicious cakes, and a special announcement- Batman will be the very first induction into the Comic Con Museum Character Hall of Fame on Wednesday, July 17, during San Diego Comic Con.

Along with the Hall of Fame Induction announcement, DC Comics unveiled a beautifully rendered Batman cake for the hero’s birthday. Though there was not enough cake to feed the hundreds of people in the exhibit hall, DC did distribute special (and delicious) Batman cupcakes to everyone in attendance.

The celebration also boasted a staggering roster- Jim Lee, Kevin Conroy, Lee Meriwether, David Mazouz, Diedrich Bader, Roger Craig Smith, and Crace Randolf- of Batman-related talent, each giving their own takes on the importance of Batman and their own personal experiences with the character.

Though each panelist had wonderfully insightful thoughts on the Dark Knight, the most touching moment was when Lee Meriwether described, in great detail, a moment between her and Adam West on the set of Batman in the 60’s. Meriwether herself was brought to tears as she described how supportive, friendly, and empowering Adam was during their time together.

It wasn’t all so heavy, Jim Lee and Roger Craig Smith were routinely causing an eruption of laughter. When asked why Batman has stayed so relevant so long, Lee dryly replied “Uh, he’s a billionaire.” On the other hand, Smith routinely kept referencing the Six Flags Batman roller coaster as the sole inspiration for everything he did with the Batman property.

The celebration lasts all year long, and fans can track all the events at or with the hashtag #LongLivetheBat. For more WonderCon 2019 news, be sure to follow AiPT! Comics on twitter and keep checking


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