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Mortal Kombat 11 beta impressions

Check out our first impressions of the Mortal Kombat 11 beta!

MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!! On April 23rd, the eleventh¬†installment of Mortal Kombat will be released on consoles. This series has been going strong since 1992 and I remember back in the day seeing the first one at a water park arcade with numbers of people gathered around the machine, eagerly waiting to feed it quarters for a chance to rip their opponent’s spine out. After years of controversy over the explicit violence and ten installments later; Mortal Kombat 11 is ready to continue its violent and brutal tradition. The beta came out on March 27th and here are my first impressions:

I know it’s a beta, but I was hoping for a little more. Your options to play are pretty slim here. You can either fight in a “Klassic Tower” or play online. That’s it. You can’t even do the tutorial which even though I am more than familiar with Mortal Kombat, its weak you can’t practice combos.

I jumped into the Tower to give it a go. You have the choice of five players in the beta: Scorpion, Baraka, Jade, Kabal, and Skarlet. I picked Scorpion since he was the first character I used way back in the original game. He returns with his familiar moves – He shoots the spear, teleports, and has some killer combos. The gameplay feels very smooth and it feels more fluid that Mortal Kombat X. I was able to pull off combos with ease and land precision strikes.

The devastating X-ray move has been traded for the “fatal blow”, which isn’t really fatal when you can use it in the first round and the round continues. The move is along the lines of the X-ray except you don’t see bones break during each hit. The “fatal blow” is just as brutal and violent as the X-ray, and a couple of them had me raise my eyebrows. If you love the blood and gore, you are not going to be disappointed.

Speaking of blood and gore; the fatalities are insane! I tried out Skarlet, the lovely lady that can manipulate blood. She has a fatality that has her shooting streams of blood from herself into her opponent’s heart until it bursts and explodes their chest. It’s so delicious, I love it! I eventually played with all five characters and completed all of their fatalities, but I won’t spoil any more of them here. I’m sure there are videos out there, but I always like seeing them firsthand.

Are you a fan of Injustice 2? Because Mortal Kombat 11 has borrowed its character customization and I have absolutely no problem with that. You have the option to customize weapons, outfits, and abilities. I don’t know how you go about unlocking them but I’m sure there’s some information out there on it. I am not reading anything further on it because I want to be surprised. Still, the customizations that are given in the beta are fun to experiment with and I look forward to seeing what else is in store.

Overall, I am a fan of the beta and I can’t wait to get my hands on the final release. There is supposed to be a story mode that further expands on the universe. There is a tournament mode, something called the Towers of Time, and of course you can play against real people online. There is where the real fun begins! The Krypt makes it return which will be full of unlockables and I’m sure that game will have plenty more surprises. If you are a fan of Mortal Kombat, I don’t see how you will be disappointed with the game. The fighting is smooth, the violence is brutal, and the fatalities are just plain dirty! Run out and pre-order your copy of Mortal Kombat 11. It has begun!!!


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