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X-Men Monday (featuring Jordan D. White) #6 – House of X, Powers of X and April Fools’ Day

Plus, your eXclusive first look at the cover to Age of X-Man: Omega!

Welcome, X-Fans, to another uncanny edition of X-Men Monday at AiPT!

Oh, and happy April Fools’ Day!

Don’t worry, X-Fans–there’ll be no pranks in this week’s X-Men Monday. You know what there will be plenty of, though? New details regarding writer Jonathan Hickman’s upcoming X-Men mini-series House of X and Powers of X! Last week, X-Men Senior Editor Jordan D. White asked X-Fans to submit whatever questions they had about Mark Brooks’ promotional piece and they did just that!

Read on for answers to your HOX and POX questions, eXclusive images from X-Books to come and a special cover reveal at the end! I swear. That’s not an April Fool’s joke. Really!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

AiPT!: OK, let’s start with a question I thought was pretty obvious, but has apparently split X-Fandom right down the middle. Dave McDonald (@DaveOMac) wanted to know if that’s Jean Grey or Moira MacTaggert sitting next to Professor X on the bench.

Jordan: That’s Moira Kinross, of course.

AiPT!: Perfect! Moving right along, Martin Beddoes‏ (@martin_beddoes) wanted you to know you had him at Hickman, but also… is that Vulcan?

Jordan: Looks like him to me! If I recall correctly, last time we saw Vulcan, both he and Black Bolt were presumed dead in a massive explosion. In the time since then, Black Bolt was found to be less dead than it was thought. Could that also be the case for Vulcan?

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

AiPT!: Everyone’s talking about Cable’s gun–including Chris‏ (@TheAerieX), who asked if the gun Cable’s holding and the title of the series “Powers of Ten” are directly linked to the story Hickman’s telling.

Jordan: The title of the series being “Powers of Ten” is definitely extremely relevant to the story Jonathan is telling. It will be immediately apparent when you read issue 1 why it’s called that. As for the gun Cable is holding… that is sure a specific gun.

AiPT!: Angel Alexander‏ (@NYCANGEL6972) was wondering if the two mutants in the front corners of the image are future children of X-Men members.

Jordan: That seems like a good theory. They are new characters you’ll be seeing more of when the books hit the stands in July. I will say, they are not “Infinity Warps” style mash-ups, as some people had theorized.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

AiPT!: Rafael Martins‏ (@rafaradar) thinks it’s pretty cool that Lilandra is staring at Vulcan and Jean while everybody else is looking in the same direction. Is this just random for the art or are they all are staring at something/someone specific?

Jordan: It’s just for the art–this is a metaphoric image. There is not a moment in the story where all these people crowd in for a picture to be taken. It’s not meant to be literal. It’s a celebration of all of X-Men history, skipping through those seminal moments that were talked about in the HOX & POX announcements, those huge shifts in X-History that have come before and how this story is the next of those key moments. I think we thought putting three Wolverines on the image would tip people off to that, but instead people just thought we were going to have three Wolverines in the book.

AiPT!: Well, speaking of… Garrett Rooney‏ (@rooneg) wanted to know why none of those three Wolverines are Laura Kinney, who, according to Garrett, is objectively the best Wolverine.

Jordan: Laura, Kitty and Rogue all boycotted this image because Apocalypse is in it. We had to triple up on Logan and have two Storms to fill in the empty spots where they were meant to go, which was a time-consuming process involving green screen shoots.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

AiPT!: Ross Hutchinson‏ (@RPHutch1975) said that artist Mark Brooks tweeted that everything in this poster is intentional. How detailed a brief was he given to create this piece?

Jordan: It was pretty detailed. We made a list of important elements–a combination of things that are huge parts of House of X and Powers of X, and also those things that are part of that celebration of the history that paved the way for this next stage. I think our original list was longer, but we separated the list into ones that HAVE to be there, and the ones that are a little more optional so Mark could pick and choose from those what sounded good.

AiPT!: Obviously, X-Baby Havok made the cut and oberstein’s dog‏ (@akira1love) can’t stop looking at him and wanted to know if there’s anything as weird (and good) to expect from the new event?

Jordan: Oh, there is DEFINITELY going to be some weird coming up in these books. I don’t think people have any idea what’s coming. And hopefully, they won’t until it jumps into their eyes and tears up their brains.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

AiPT!: Wheelchair X-Tremist (@OneWheelchairX) asked if there are any characters missing from the teaser that will have important roles in the event?

Jordan: Definitely.

AiPT!: Excellent–short and to the point. Robert Secundus‏ (@RobertSecundus) said that since Hickman’s story has been in the works for a while, does that mean “X-Men Disassembled,” Uncanny X-Men and “Age of X-Man” were planned knowing this would come next?

Jordan: Absolutely. It feels crazy to me that the books are actually going to come out, I’ve been working on them so long behind the scenes. We knew about it when we planned every one of those things–X-Men: Black as well.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

AiPT!: And for our final X-Fan question, Phoenix Egg‏ (@thePhoenixEgg) asked if Hickman pitched this story or if you guys came to him with the idea.

Jordan: He pitched it. I was made aware of his interest as soon as I became the X-Men editor, and he came in and pitched the story to me, CB, Joe Q. and Dan Buckley a short time later.

AiPT!: And right now every X-Fan wishes they could have been flies on the wall at that pitch meeting. But then, that’d be a lot of flies and surely you all would have noticed. Anyway, it’s April Fools’ Day! In your opinion, which X-Man should you NEVER play an April Fools’ joke on if you hope to survive the experience?

Jordan: The “obvious” answer is Logan… but it’s also wrong. He’s had a TON of pranks played on him in the past, and he’s actually very good at holding back that berserker rage when it comes to his friends and family. No, the answer is Quentin Quire, because if you successfully make a fool out of him, his incredibly fragile but enormous ego will require him to vow revenge on you forever that will never be satiated, no matter how many flaming poop bags he leaves on your stoop.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

AiPT!: Noted. Finally, for your song recommendation of the week, how about your favorite comedic song.

Jordan: I think my favorite Weird Al song, or at LEAST my favorite of his originals, is his tribute to Frank Zappa, “Genius in France”:

AiPT!: I’m very happy Weird Al is now part of our ever-growing X-Men Monday playlist. And, I’m also very happy to reveal that eXclusive cover reveal for… Age of X-Man: Omega by artist Phil Noto!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Might want to get that eye checked out, X-Man… there seem to be some X-Men trying to escape from it. April Fools, X-Man!!! Seriously, don’t wipe me from existence… heh.

And with that, we bring to a close another uncanny edition of X-Men Monday! I want to thank Jordan for taking the time to field those questions and provide those eXclusive images. And, of course, a big thank you to the passionate X-Fans who keep the questions coming. Check our Twitter page tomorrow morning for the next call for questions and make sure to report back to AiPT! next Monday for more mutant madness!


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