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Baptiste is now live in Overwatch Competitive Season 15

How will Overwatch’s newest support impact the competitive meta?

Overwatch’s newest hero, support specialist Baptiste, is now available for play in Overwatch Competitive Season 15.

The ex-Talon medic with a tragic history was revealed as Overwatch’s 30th hero on February 25, 2019, became available on the PTR the following day, and then available to the community at-large on March 19.

Players have now had several weeks to get the hang of the game’s newest healer through custom, arcade, and quick play game mode. This is standard practice from Blizzard with all new heroes to ensure that all the kinks are worked out, and that the competitive meta isn’t thrown into complete chaos.

Baptiste becomes available in Overwatch League games a mere two days later on April 4. Fans are sure to be paying close attention to see how the pros implement the game’s newest and 7th support class. The dreaded GOATS composition — three tanks and three supports — currently rules over the majority of high-level competitive play, so it’s sure to be interesting to see how Baptiste will impact the stand GOATS support lineup of Lúcio, Moira, and Brigitte.

The newest healers kit revolves around a projectile heal, similar to Ana, that pumps out massive healing in a grenade fired from his weapon that has an area-of-effect heal, as with Biotic Grenades. The offensive fire on his weapon is a three-round burst. Regenerative burst allows Baptiste to periodically heal himself and nearby allies over time, but his kits strongest ability is unquestionably Immortality Field — a deployable drone that provides a field in which all friendly players are prevented from dying, as long as the drove remains active. Sombra can hack the drone and damage will destroy it.

The strength and utility of Baptiste’s ultimate ability, Amplification Matrix, remains to be seen. The screen generated by Amplification Matrix doubles any heals or damage sent through it, but players can usually easily side step the field. Competitive play at a top level is sure to exposure the strengths and weaknesses of both Immortality Field and Amplification Matrix.

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