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Adventures in Movies!

Adventures in Movies! Episode 12: Avengers month assemble!

Avengers month begins with a revisit of the entire MCU.

Avengers Month begins with a mystery. What happened to Danny? Pablo Martinez fills in and is able to give a chronological history of the MCU. First appearances and major events are discussed.

The two begin with a talk about The Joker poster and trailer. Will it be the next comic book movie to receive major awards buzz? There cannot be too many episodes of the show before there is mention of Sleepaway Camp. This week, Nathaniel discusses the upcoming documentary about the cult classic.

Getting Endgame tickets has proved to be one of the most difficult things to do this year. Pablo and Nathaniel discuss their adventures as they tried to get opening night tickets.

Pablo goes through the history of the MCU in order of the events. It is an amazing look at one of the most beloved franchises in the history of cinema. If you did not think you could get more excited for Engame, you have to listen to this week’s episode.

Adventures in Movies! is hosted by Nathaniel Muir. You can find Nathaniel on Instagram at nathaninpoortaste. You can reach us personally or on Twitter AiPTMovies.

This week’s episode is sponsored by Churro Co.

Pablo can be found on Instagram at pablo.adriel.martinez.


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