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Game of Thrones

A big reason why the ice dragon in Game of Thrones is way more deadly than you think

The White Walker’s hold the advantage thanks to these details.

Game of Thrones‘ final season will soon be upon us and so too will the White Walkers and their army of ice creatures converging on the living; with an army of the dead always growing as it kills and destroys every human in its path the stakes are so high Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are royally (and I mean that both ways) screwed.

A key detail you might have missed makes it even more dangerous for them. There are two types of undead in the Game of Thrones series: the White Walkers and the Wight aka the mindless drones of zombies that do the bidding of the White Walkers. The White Walkers have the power to turn those they kill into a Wight, but a Wight cannot turn anyone else into a Wight. Essentially this makes the White Walkers the main target. Kill the White Walkers and you win the war, right? But wait, about Daenerys’ dragon Viserion (whose presence beyond the Wall the Night King seemed to predict?) That’s a Wight, right? Unfortunately for Jon and Daenerys, the now ice dragon is a White Walker.

To confirm this the script for the episode “The Dragon and the Wolf” where Viserion is turned into an ice dragon says, “He’s done the same thing to Viserion that he did to Craster’s sons. Only those were babies, and this is a dragon.” We saw what the White Walker did to Craster’s son in season 4 episode 4 “Oathkeeper,” when it placed its index finger on the baby’s cheek, causing the child’s eyes to turn to blue and his skin to grow pale. Uh oh…

Jon and Daenerys may be way more screwed than we think. It’s yet to be revealed what Viserion can do as an ice dragon beyond blow down the Wall, but it certainly puts it beyond an average undead Wight. Could it zip around Westeros turning any newly dead into White Walkers or Wight’s? Maybe the ceremony we saw with Craster is required, but there could be powers we’re not even aware of yet seeing as an ice dragon is a whole new kind of enemy.

Given the odds of winning dropping for our heroes at least they have strength in numbers, right? Well, Jon’s Northern army could be around 10,000 men and Daenerys has only a few thousand Unsullied left after the battle at Castle Rock. She has 100,000 Dothraki riders added to that. Luckily for them we know there’s a ton of dragonglass being mined ready for battle. That said, given the armies of the living hovering around 150,000, give or take, and Cersei preparing to attack, the odds are not in the favor of the living.

In fact, their numbers might be close to equal to the White Walkers. In the final pages of the script, it can be confirmed the giant hole blasted through the Wall is, “large enough to admit the Army of the Dead, all 100,000 of them.” Start praying for Jon and Daenerys folks, the odds are not looking so hot for them to come out of this unscathed.


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