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Overwatch’s first Storm Rising skin is for Baptiste

The ex-Talon medic is the first hero to get a new skin.

The Overwatch community is anxiously awaiting the newest Archives event, Storm Rising, the release date of which was revealed by Blizzard yesterday — April 16. The upcoming PVE event will feature a slew of cosmetic items players can unlock, including items from the previous two Archives events, Uprising and Retribution. There are 160 items available for players, and Storm Rising brings nine of the most desired cosmetics items of all — skins.

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Today in typical Blizzard fashion, the company revealed one of the new skins coming with Storm Rising, a legendary skin for the game’s newest hero, Baptiste. Named Talon Baptiste, the new legendary skin was shared on the Overwatch Twitter account earlier today.

Talon Baptiste gives players a look into Baptiste’s past when he was younger and still with the shadowy and dangerous organization. Like Sombra, Doomfist, and Widowmaker before him, Baptiste’s new skin sports Talon’s red and white colors across his armor, and has the organization’s logo on his bandana. If you aren’t lucky enough to get the skin in a Storm Rising loot box, you can purchase it for 2,000 Overwatch coins.

The home page of the new event shows us that there will be nine new skins, eight of which are still shown as “classified.” Blizzard has a pattern of revealing a new skin each day in the week leading up to a new Overwatch event, so it’s highly likely that more skin reveals are on the way as we approach April 16.

Overwatch: Storm Rising kicks off next week on April 16, and adds the third chapter to the Archives event, following in the footsteps of Uprising and Retribution. Players can participate in the PVE event as either squad leader Tracer, Mercy, Winston, or Genji.


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