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Poor Taste Wrestling podcast episode 47: WrestleMania 35 and TakeOver fallout

We try to cover as much of WrestleMania weekend as we can in just over an hour.

Just like that, WrestleMania week has come and gone. It was a wild weekend, full of amazing matches, big surprises, jerks getting the trash beaten out of them, and one memorable (if incredibly long) WrestleMania.

This week on Poor Taste Wrestling we try to cover as much as we can about the weekend in just over an hour, including TakeOver (one of the best WWE PPVs in history), WrestleMania, the Hall of Fame ceremony, NJPW and ROH G1 Supercard, Raw and SmackDown. Phew! That’s a lot of wrestling.

Poor Taste Wrestling is hosted by JJ "Job Van Dam" Travers, Mike "The Wolverine" Pursell, and "HCK" Patrick Ross.

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