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2019 El Paso Comic Con Final Day: Our favorite cosplay

The best cosplay from the final day of the El Paso Comic Con.

It may be the last day of the 2019 El Paso Comic Con, but that does not mean there was not any great cosplay. The final day of the event saw costumes that were just as imaginative and amazing as costumes seen on the second day. Once again, there was a little something for fans of all kinds of genres: comic books, video games (even the ones fans have spent months hating on), movies, and television were all represented. There were still panels and photo ops but the awesome costumes really took center stage on the third day.  AiPT! was there to cover the final day of the convention. Here are some of the best cosplay of the day.

Thanks again to everyone in the photos!

IG: clunker429


IG: ep_wolverine
IG: leaveittotegan
Dominoe & Wolverine

IG: ACTC_Cosplay


IG: arcanemooncosplay
Umbreon (own variant)


IG: Jeep.Walter
IG: Arlettee_7
Nier & 2B

IG: blanca_hernandez008
Harley Quinn


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