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This fan favorite Marvel hero dies in War of the Realms #2

It’s a huge loss for the Marvel universe.

Major spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Lives are lost in any war, and when it comes to War of the Realms, I imagine many will take place over its six issue run. The solicit for this week’s issue even explicitly says a hero will die. Jason Aaron, or whoever wrote that text, is a man of his word. Considering how many heroes are in this issue, one might be quite worried for a lot of the major heroes, even these two who appear in the preview:

Somebody has to die after all.

Midway through the issue, Doctor Strange casts a spell to get all civilians and innocent folks out of Manhattan. The heroes are overrun and outnumbered.

However, the spell works too well, and zips major heroes out of New York.

Unfortunately for Brunnhilde, who you can see in the middle panel above, she’s not so lucky. The character also goes by the name Valkyrie. On the very last page it appears the orchestrator of this war, Malekith, not only did well enough to make the heroes evacuate, but…

He took out one of their strongest heroes.

It’s a harrowing moment and one I highly recommend you read all about with War of the Realms #2. Out today!


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