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Experience horror with DC Universe’s new ‘Swamp Thing’ trailer

This is why you should respect the environment.

The first teaser trailer for DC Universe’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Swamp Thing is here. Last week we were treated to a quick teaser that revealed Swamp Thing’s visage, but today is our first extended look at the series. Check it out below!

As you can see from the trailer, DC isn’t being shy about what fans can expect from Swamp Thing — horror, and lots of it.

Right off the bat we witness something in the local swamp snatching people right out of their boats, dragging them underwater, and leaving missing persons in its wake. Though perhaps one of the most eerie scenes from the trailer is an unknown figure viewed from behind as they methodically saw something apart, followed immediately by a little girl screeching at the top of her lungs.

Dr. Abigail Arcane has come to this small Louisiana town to investigate a deadly swamp-born virus, and we see just how dangerous this virus is when a disgusting vine riddled corpse reanimates and attacks the coroner. It only gets worse from there — creepy people in animal masks, slithering branches that strangle and drown, terrified townsfolk, explosions, and utter mayhem.

Fans familiar with the Swamp Thing will want to keep their eyes out during the trailer for a Blue Devil sighting! There also may be a Batman villain afoot, the infamous, brilliant, and completely insane Professor Pyg — who could perhaps be in league with the series primary antagonist, Jason Woodrue aka The Floronic Man.

Len Wiseman (Sleepy Hollow) will be directing the pilot episode, as well as executive producing alongside Aquaman’s James Wan. Gary Dauberman (It), and Mark Verheiden of Netflix’s Daredevil, are wearing the hats of executive producers, series showrunners, and co-writers.

There’s been some concern for the series since it was revealed that production was shutting down early, cutting Season 1 to 10 episodes instead of the previously ordered 13. An early shut down is never a good thing, but DC has only appeared publicly to have confidence in Swamp Thing, as recently as WonderCon where they announced the May 31 release date. According to a report out of the Wilmingston Star News, the local North Carolina newspaper where the series is being filmed, crew members were told the series was shutting down early to allow writers time to rewrite the ending. Reshoots spanning several days are expected to take place.

As with many fans, I found the trailer to be utterly fantastic and can’t wait to watch the show. The fan reaction to the DC Universe Tweet that revealed the trailer has been extremely positive overall, and the hype has been huge across the numerous online communities that celebrate DC Comics properties. Hopefully the concern for Swamp Thing isn’t warranted, we’ll just have to wait and see.




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