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A major mutant enters the Age of X-Man in Prisoner X #3

This character changes the playing field big time.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

Age of X-Man has been an exciting event in part because it’s all a mystery about a supposed utopia that’s anything but. Heroes have been attempting to figure out why things feel off, and some are getting closer. One such character is Bishop, who is the main character in the Age of X-Man tie-in Prisoner X. In issue #3 out today, it starts to become clearer why the prisoners in this story are figuring things out. Or at the very least, a powerhouse is revealed to be laying in wait.

At the end of the issue, after a number of characters break free from the spell, Gabby included, Bishop sits in a cell all alone.

It sounds like Bishop knows why characters are breaking free from the spell. Who could he be talking to?

So he’s probably a bit nuts then, right?

It appears one of the most powerful mutants in existence is toying with the characters in the prison. Legion is not looking very heroic here either, but it opens up a lot of possibilities. Is he aware of what X-Man is doing? Are they working together? Why is Legion messing with these mutants’ minds? Certainly, his reality-altering powers could fix things, or maybe he’s behind it all! We’ll find out more, but the finale for Age of X-Man isn’t till July when Age of X-Man: Omega hits shelves July 17th.

This is only a fraction of the story. I highly recommend you read Age of X-Man: Prisoner X #3 today.


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