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World of Warcraft: Classic release date revealed

Get ready to take down Ragnaros once again, starting August 27.

World of Warcraft: Classic will hit servers August 27, 2019, Blizzard announced today.

Classic is a fork of World of Warcraft‘s retail experience that effectively preserves how the game was in 2006 — affectionately known as “vanilla WoW” to longtime players. Players will be able to relive the patch 1.12 experience, and content will be time gated in a manner that seeks to recreate the vanilla WoW experience.

Blizzard has noted that they didn’t simply just dump the 1.12 code on some new servers — this is the current game, with all of its performance enhancements, bug fixes, and more efficient code, with the original graphical assets, stats, and everything else that made original WoW different from Battle For Azeroth.

Players have been asking for this for years, especially after Blizzard went after home-brewed, so-called private servers that allowed people to play WoW as it once was.


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