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Kevin Feige spills some beans on the Marvel Cinematic Universe on today’s Reddit AMA

A non-spoiler AMA, but some interesting tidbits did come from the Reddit Q&A.

It’s no surprise when r/MarvelStudios revealed they’d have Kevin Feige taking questions on their subreddit it shot up to #1 on r/All of Reddit. The guy is kind of a big deal after producing the biggest movie of all time (you’ve heard of Avengers: Endgame, right?). Spoilers were of course off limits, but there were a few questions answered that tipped off us off to some interesting answers concerning the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Feige was answering questions around 8 p.m. eastern time.

The top question, at least when this article was written asked three questions.

Two big takeaways from Feige’s answers are that risk-taking is part of the process which includes Thor’s blonde eyebrows and casting Robert Downey Jr. Oh, and making a Captain America movie set in World War II. This is a good thing for fans since risk-taking is a big reason why these movies succeed. They bring new ideas to the table and keep things fresh. Based on his answers here Wave 3 is going to continue to take risks.

Next up, a user asked:

This is a fun takeaway especially since it reveals characters in the first official Hulk movie are in canon. No word yet on that Edward Norton switch though.

Another question got into logistics:

An interesting answer as it reveals they aren’t planning the entire wave in one go, but 5 years of films. This means anywhere from 8 to 10 films are in the works at one time. Also, props to Feige for the reply to the non-believer.

The most important question answered falls on this user who asked:

Prepare your credit cards for the imminent must purchase Disney+ membership since all these shows are very important and will be must-watch viewing if you’re a Marvel fan like the writers here at AiPT!.

Probably the biggest reveal of all was answered with one word:

Wait, the real Mandarin?! But Tony Stark is dead ya’ll!

Thanks to Rob Reed for the screengrabs!


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