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WWE unveils the 24/7 Championship on Monday Night Raw; title changes hands three times

If you thought WWE’s problem was “not enough titles,” we have some good news.

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was on hand at Monday Night Raw to unveil a new title: the 24/7 Championship.

The 24/7 Championship will, as the name suggests, be defended under 24/7 rules, meaning the title can be defended any time, anywhere. The title is the spiritual successor to the WWE Hardcore Championship — of which Mick Foley was the inaugural champion — which operated under the same rules. It is also eligible to be won by any member of any WWE brand, including RawSmackDown LIVE, 205 Live, NXT, NXT UK, and even Legends, as Foley suggested.

This is now the tenth title to be contested on Raw and SmackDown LIVE, and, counting every WWE brand, is staggeringly the eighteenth title under WWE’s umbrella.

After the announcement, Mick Foley announced a “scramble” for the title, which emptied the low-card locker room and eventually saw Titus O’Neil stake his claim as the first-ever 24/7 Champion. However, his celebration was cut short when Robert Roode rolled him up on the entrance ramp to win the title. However, later on in the night, R-Truth took advantage of a paranoid Robert Roode to win the championship and take it to SmackDown LIVE.


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