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Every new Overwatch Anniversary 2019 skin

Six legendary, five epic, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Overwatch’s third annual Anniversary Event began today, and you know what that means — new cosmetic items. This year’s Anniversary event brings 11 new skins for players to lust over, I mean collect of course: six legendary and five epic.

I’ve taken the liberty of showing them off for you below. We’ll start with the epic skins, followed by the legendary.

Epic Skins

Unlocked for a cost of 750 Overwatch credits, or earned through an Anniversary lootbox.

Electric Widow

Blizzard Entertainment

Let’s start with Electric Widow, because come on, do we ever really get an event without a Widow skin alongside it? I’m into the color scheme here, even though its very similar to the Winter skin.

Carbon Fiber Doomfist

Blizzard Entertainment

One of two carbon fiber skins that have been released with this event. I’m a big fan of the matte black and red together, and Doomfist looks good in pretty much everything.

Carbon Fiber Pharah

Blizzard Entertainment

The second Carbon Fiber skin released with this event, and one of two new skins that Pharah receives today. She’s spoiled! Pharah looks cool and joins Genji, D.Va, Doomfist, and Zenyatta in the Carbon Fiber family.

Midnight D.Va

Blizzard Entertainment

Like Pharah, the Overwatch Gods have favored D.Va this patch with two skins. The magenta and black color scheme remind me heavily of her Black Cat skin, but look much closer to her default futuristic fighter pilot gear. I’m into it.

Oro Sombra

Blizzard Entertainment

A gold color palette, thick black eyeliner, and a color scheme that reminds me of cooper wiring and rusted metal. I love it! Especially her bright yellow boots.

Legendary Skins

Unlocked for the hefty cost of 3000 Overwatch credits, or earned through an Anniversary lootbox. Remember, buy just logging in during the Anniversary event you’ll earn one free legendary item.

Toxic Roadhog

Blizzard Entertainment

We’re going to start with my favorite skin from this event, Toxic Roadhog. How freaking cool does he look? Seriously though, besides Gargoyle Winston, no one even comes close to the cool level this skin is exuding. It looks like someone took Bane and The Toxic Avenger, and fused them together into this cool as sh*t monstrosity. The hazmat suit with green vials, skull with chemicals sloshing around it, and shut off valve are all so fantastic. But hey, where the heck is Toxic Junkrat? (I’m greedy)

Orbital Pharah

Blizzard Entertainment

Jet pack with what appears to be an astronaut suit. Yup, this name is more than appropriate. It’s neat, and I’ll buy it. Reminds me of the Lunar colony skin Winston and Hammond wear.

Honeydew Mei

Blizzard Entertainment

COME ON. Look at how cute they made Overwatch’s very own Satan look! I mean seriously, COME ON. How can you get mad at this little cutey when she smiles up at you, before shooting an icicle into your brain? It’s gonna be a tough one.

Riot Police Brigitte

Blizzard Entertainment

I saw Brigitte’s shield deploy in Blizzard’s Tweet celebrating this event, and man does it look cool. The color scheme here looks really neat, and there’s even red and blue cop lights that go off inside her helmet. You had better disperse when this cop shows up.

Academy D.Va

Blizzard Entertainment

D.Va’s second skin of the event. I give it less than a week before this skin is one of the most cosplayed Overwatch heroes. We know in high school D.Va played a video game, Mecha Guardian V., which we see on a screen in her room on the Busan map. Fairly certain it’s safe to say this skin is directly influenced by that very game, and her time in high school.

Gargoyle Winston

Blizzard Entertainment

The second coolest skin to be released for this event. Sorry buddy, Toxic Roadhog holds the crown. Anyway this skin is truly badass. I love the Gothic architecture combined with the demonic appearance. The colors are all fantastic, and I can’t wait to drop out of the sky on someone looking like I came straight out of the 90’s cartoon Gargoyles.

Overwatch’s third annual Anniversary event begins today, May 21, and ends June 10.


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