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Third annual Overwatch Anniversary event begins today

Six new Legendary skins are waiting for you.

Get out the candles and noise makers. It’s time to wish a very happy birthday to everyone’s favorite FPS shooter, Overwatch!

In celebration of Overwatch getting another year older, Blizzard is hosting the third annual Overwatch Anniversary event, and it begins today.

As with every other¬†Overwatch event, there’s new cosmetic items for players to unlock. This year Blizzard has delivered nine new skins, and six of them are legendary. Personally I highly recommend Winston’s new legendary skin — Gargoyle Winston — quite simply, it’s amazing.

If you missed the previous seasonal brawls, good news! You can also revisit them, in addition to the past Anniversary events — from the Archives missions (including the most recent Storm Rising) to Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Players can also get their hands on three epic skins, new dance emotes for Ashe, Baptiste, and Hammond, and all of the cosmetic items from the two prior Anniversary events.

As you can see from the image below, Mei looks to be getting a new legendary skin as well. The image leaked early this morning.

Blizzard Entertainment

All players that log on during the event will receive a free Legendary Anniversary loot box which guarantees one Legendary item. If you really really want to guarantee yourself more than one legendary, you can purchase the 50 loot box bundle, and this will secure you a bonus Legendary Anniversary loot box added on top on the free one.

Blizzard is shutting the party down on June 10, so be sure to spend your Overwatch credits on the items you want while you still can. Or you can hope to be lucky enough to get your favorite items from Anniversary loot boxes.


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