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FIRST LOOK: Stranger Things: Six #4 covers and solicitation

Get a look at the covers to Dark Horse Comics Stranger Things: Six #4.

Ahead of solicitations get a first look at the four covers offered for Stranger Things: Six #4! These covers are by artists Aleksi Briclot, Christian Ward, Jenn Ravenna, and Patrick Satterfield. The full solicitation for issue #4 is also below and I highly recommend you check it out. I really liked the first issue ya’ll!


Francine’s precognitive abilities are put to the test when she and Ricky attempt to escape Hawkins National Laboratory and save the other children from Dr. Brenner’s cruel experiments. Will the ensuing chaos result in freedom for all of the gifted captives . . . or will some be left behind?

Stranger Things: Six #4 (of 4)

Writer: Jody Houser
Pencils: Edgar Salazar
Inks: Keith Champagne
Color: Marrisa Louise
Cover: Aleksi Briclot
Variant Cover: Christian Ward
Variant Cover: Jenn Ravenna
Photo Variant Cover: Patrick Satterfield

FC, 32 pages
On sale Aug 28

Season 3 of Stranger Things premiers July 4.


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