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Galactus is more powerful than ever thanks to Mark Waid’s ‘Doctor Strange’ #14

Surely Galactus has never been this powerful before!

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

Make no mistake, Mark Waid had infused Doctor Strange with a lot of adventure and fun since he took over with the self-dubbed #1 issue. In this latest story arc he’s having fun with Galactus who has been transported to the mystical realm. Things get a lot worse in Doctor Strange #14.

Doctor Strange is now the herald of Galactus and midway through the book he finds a source of food for the big old hangry cosmic entity. At first Strange warns him to not eat too quickly and show some caution when…

That can’t be good. What is this mystical planet doing to him? It turns out it was a trap that Doctor Strange and Galactus fell for.

Being the mystical realm who could it possibly be?

Wait, so now Galactus is powered up by Dormammu’s mystical energy? We find out on the next page Mephisto helped make this so. So now Dormammu is the Herald of Galactus. That ain’t good. Can we now call Galactus even more powerful? How much longer before Dormammu takes over Galactus?

The pages above occur only midway through the issue. I highly recommend you pick it up and read the whole thing!


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