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Fun Films to Celebrate Pride Month

Some fun movies to watch during Pride month.

June is Pride month, a month filled with outdoor festivities such as parades, block parties, and outdoor concerts. June also ushers in the sweltering heat, humidity, and the runny make-up and frizzy hair associated with such weather. If you hate summer and want to celebrate Pride, here’s a list of classic LGBT movies to rent or stream within the confines of your air-conditioned home.

Bedrooms and Hallways (1998)

Starring Kevin McKidd, Tom Hollander, and Hugo Weaving, this English comedy looks back at Leo’s romances as he is stuck at his own awkward 30th birthday party. Tom Hollander plays Leo’s outrageous roommate and they both deal with the ups and downs of their relationships set to a fun soundtrack.

Better Than Chocolate (1999)

This Canadian romantic comedy centers around a young girl named Maggie who sets out on her own to find love while she works at an LGBT bookstore. This film also has many funny moments as Maggie’s straight -edge mother also goes out of her comfort zone to rediscover herself after a failed marriage. Anne Wheeler’s film also explores serious issues of discrimination and the dangers the transgender community face on a daily basis.

The Broken – Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy (2000)

This comedy revolves around a group of friends and the strength of their friendship. Starring Timothy Olyphant, Justin Theroux, Zach Braff, and John Mahoney, each character represents a person you would probably be friends with. It is funny, touching, and light hearted enough to enjoy with your own group of friends.

Kissing Jessica Stein (2001)

Judaism, lesbians, personal ads, and a bad date with John Hamm? This comedy is about Jessica Stein (Jessica Westfeldt), a young woman who will not settle for anything less than perfection in men. Jessica’s very structured and regimented life is turned upside down when she meets Helen (Heather Juergensen). This movie is funny and heartbreaking as Jessica comes to terms with her sexuality in the face of the identity she has always known.

The Favourite (2018)

This Academy Award nominee is a new film, but sure to become a classic. Starring Olivia Coleman and Rachel Weisz, this black comedy explores the relationship between historical figures Queen Anne and the Duchess of Marlborough. It is darkly humorous, has fun dance numbers, and watching Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone try and outdo each other for the Queen’s favor is entertaining to watch.

So if you want to celebrate Pride, but want to beat the heat, try doing it this way. Stay cool and hang out at home with some old (and one new) films.


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