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Pokemon Sword and Shield introduces the latest internet craze: Assistant Sonia

Say hello to the latest internet-breaking video game darling: Assistant Sonia.

Thanks to the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield announcements, a new internet craze has emerged; and it’s not the brand-new Legendary Pokemon or Bowsette in Pokemon form or even the PokeVitamin roided out ten-year-old Grass Gym Leader.

It’s Sonia, granddaughter and assistant to Professor Magnolia, the latest in the line of tree-surnamed Pokemon professors. Sonia is childhood friend to Leon, the undefeated champion of the Galar region and will serve as players’ mentor/counselor in Pokemon Sword/Shield. She’s also what some might consider an attractive redhead with striking blue eyes (sorry Misty). But don’t just take our word for it — the myriad fan art and commentary on Sonia which has already taken Twitter and various social media spheres by storm will better prove our point.

Here are some of the most interesting homages we’ve found to Sonia so far (that are still safe for work):

Do you think the Assistant Sonia craze is substantiated or will Misty always be the red-haired Pokemon gal for you? Let us know in the comments.


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