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E3 2019

‘Twelve Minutes’ traps players in an emotional time loop

It all repeats. It all repeats. It all repeats.

One of the quirkier reveals during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference was Twelve Minutes, a top-down narrative adventure where players control the game’s protagonist in a time loop, hence the title.

Twelve Minutes has been in development for several years, but word on the emotionally-driven narrative adventure went silent. Finally, audiences were given a glimpse of what to expect, and it hit all the feels.

The game’s protagonist is stuck in a nightmarish scenario where his world collapses within a short window of time. His wife is attacked by a questionable detective, and he is then killed, only to find the scene repeat itself in hellish fashion. The only means of escape is to navigate the possible decisions and outcomes that can best resolve the loop. Time loops in movies are standard, but games haven’t translated the story mechanic into the medium as well. This year’s E3 also saw the action take on the genre in DEATHLOOP. Yet, each game handles the subject with diverse approaches.

Twelve Minutes spawned from the mind of one man, Luis Antonio, who has single-handedly toiled away at the game over the past four years. Annapurna Interactive recently picked up the game, signaling their faith in Antonio’s passion project.

Check out the Twelve Minutes trailer below and let us know what you think.


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