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DC announces ‘Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium’ returns in new ongoing series

#DCMillennium finally revealed as a two-part, monthly comic.

The mystery surrounding #DCMillennium has finally been solved — DC has announced that Legion of Super-Heroes will finally make its long awaited return this fall in a special two-part prelude that kicks off with Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1.

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The two-part monthly comic will lead into a new ongoing series from Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook. Leading up to the new series, Bendis will work with a number of all-star artists, including Jim Lee, Jim Cheung, Nicola Scott, and Dustin Ngyuen, to explore the future and help pave the way for a 31st century quest to connect all of DC’s future timelines that ultimately end on the doorstep of the Legion.

“This is absolutely the most ambitious project we have ever been involved in,” said Bendis in a statement.

DC Comics

“Millennium focuses on a most unlikely tour guide to the 31st century — a familiar face to DC fans who finds herself suddenly immortal.” per DC’s description. “As she learns to cope with her newfound immortality and the reason she was chosen for this quest, her 1,000-year odyssey will connect all of DC’s future timelines for the first time.”

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 will introduce fans to a version of Supergirl from the near-future, drawn by Jim Lee; Batman Beyond, drawn by Dustin Nguyen; Kamandi, drawn by Andrea Sorrentino; and Tommy Tomorrow, drawn by André Lima Araújo.

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The second issue will deliver fan-favorite Booster Gold, drawn by Nicola Scott; OMAC, drawn by Jim Cheung; A DC “off-world” chapter, drawn by Jeff Dekal; and finally the Legion of Super-Heroes, drawn by Sook.

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Bendis will be pen both the two-part special prelude series, as well as the monthly ongoing Legion of Super-Heroes with Ryan Sook that follows.

“Since its Silver Age origin, the Legion of Super-Heroes has been the cornerstone of the future DC Universe,” said Bendis in a statement. “Over time, a wealth of future characters and stories have emerged since the Legion’s beginnings and connecting these threads to an updated version of the Legion is a story Ryan and I can’t wait to tell.”

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 will be available Wednesday September, 18.

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