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Nessa, the new Water-type Gym Leader from Pokemon Sword and Shield is already making a splash

Move over, Misty. New Water-type Gym Leader Nessa is incoming in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Here we go again. Assistant Sonia isn’t the only “new waifu” from Pokemon Sword and Shield about whom the internet is fantasizing. Yesterday, new Water Gym Trainer Nessa was revealed (looking like she stepped straight out of Team Aqua from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire) and Misty fans the world over gave a red-Starmie-eye of resentment:

Although it’s unclear which Galar-region Water Pokemon Nessa will have at her disposal aside from snapping turtle Drednaw thus far, Nessa has already made a splash with legions of fans and admirers on Twitter and social media. The following are some of our favorites:

Will Nessa overtake the throne for most beloved of all Water-type trainers in Pokemon lore? Let us know in the comments.


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