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The Batman: Matt Reeves’ film adds Mad Hatter and Two-Face to the mix, bringing villain count to 6 and counting

Matt Reeves’ The Batman adds two more staple villains from the Dark Knight’s infamous rogues gallery to the mix.

Could Matt Reeves’ upcoming noir-detective oriented The Batman, with Robert Pattinson already locked in as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Vanessa Hudgens strongly rumored as Catwoman be taking a page from classic Batman story “The Long Halloween”?

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The synopsis of The Long Halloween, courtesy of DC Fandom Wiki:

In this story Batman struggles to find an elusive, mysterious serial killer who strikes only on holidays. Batman discovers no shortage of suspects in a Gotham City beset by mobsters and freakish costumed criminals, any one of whom could be his prey.

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Six villains. SIX. F*CKING. VILLAINS. Yesterday I dropped an exclusive in my caption mentioning TWO FACE & MAD HATTER were in Matt Reeves original script for ‘THE BATMAN’ but now it appears as if they will also appear at some point during the film! – Keep in mind that this won’t be a ‘SPIDER-MAN 3’ scenario where each villain has a ton of screen time. A lot of these will be cameos, with CATWOMAN, RIDDLER, & PENGUIN serving as the big three. – Comment down below with your thoughts! 🦇 – – #RobertPattinson #Batman #BruceWayne #TheBatman #MattReeves #DCExtendedUniverse #Joker #TheJoker #HarleyQuinn #DCEU #DCComics #Gotham #GothamCity #Robin #Nightwing #Batgirl #BatFamily #Catwoman #SelinaKyle #Penguin #OswaldCobblepot #Comics #DickGrayson #BarbaraGordon #DCUniverse #JusticeLeague #HenryCavill

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Rumors swirling out of Discussing Film state that The Batman has added staple Batman rogues gallery villains The Mad Hatter and Two-Face to the mix of characters alongside Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler and Firefly, bringing the total villain count thus far to six. Don’t let the intimidating number of villains daunt you, though — if Reeves’ script does indeed borrow elements from Jeph Loeb’s The Long Halloween, some of the villains mentioned may take on cameo roles where they’re being interrogated by Batman at Arkham Asylum or Blackgate Prison, which could make for some truly fascinating scenes if the casting is as spot-on as we think it’ll be.

The Batman is slated for a June 25th, 2021 release.

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