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Rick and Morty #51 Review

One of the strongest issues in the series yet.

Rick and Morty has had a great run and it’s not stopping at their milestone 50th issue. No, out this week is the next installment, which features Morty finally making friends (I’m sure that’ll last), and we find out the truth about why Jerry can’t die. Seriously.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

Morty has… a FRIEND?! Nestor’s become a fixture in the Smith household, and together they enjoy Flossing, video games, and general goofing-off. How is Rick going to mess this up?

Why does this matter?

This series has always been good for at least a chuckle with some standout issues along the way that’ll make you cry you’re laughing so hard. This issue is one of the latter ones.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

He’s almost too nice.
Credit: Oni/Lion Forge

This issue is a one-two punch of hilarity. The main story, “Rickstaken Identity,” is by Kyle Starks and Marc Ellerby. It’s followed up by “Death Becomes Him” by Magdalene Visaggio and Ian McGinty. Both stories are strong and further reveal the laugh train isn’t stopping with this comic series.

In the main story, masterfully drawn as always by Ellerby, we learn Morty has a new friend named Nestor. Nestor is a bit odd, bald, and has a pet bird named Crackers who follows him around. He’s the nicest kid ever though and his totally super nice persona is actually a bit unnerving. He’s a nerd so you just assume he’s a bit sheltered. Early on Rick is quite rude to the boy and yells at him to leave their house. We all assume Rick is jealous since Nestor is taking up Morty’s time. If only that were the truth. Starks and Ellerby do a great job building towards a shocking twist, a backstory you won’t see coming, and ultimately the total crushing blow to Morty’s life as we’ve come to relish in.

The backup story is a nice four-page story delving into Jerry’s mind after being shot through the head with a laser. Witness Jerry talk at Death (who is sporting a scythe, black cloak, and skeleton head) and use his own abilities against him. It’s a good job rendered very well by McGinty who brings a slightly different look to the characters. Both stories are colored by Sarah Stern who does a good job keeping the color palette muted when it needs to be.

Nice one!
Credit: Oni/Lion Forge

It can’t be perfect, can it?

This is an example of the comic series being so damn good I almost wish they’d convert them to the cartoon format. It’s pretty much perfect.

Is it good?

A hilarious issue that will blow you away with its ingenuity, surprises, and clever humor.

Rick and Morty #51
Is it good?
A hilarious issue that will blow you away with its ingenuity, surprises, and clever humor.
Clever ideas and great jokes make this a fantastic installment in a great series
Both artists do a great job capturing the cartoon's look (and the backup puts its own spin on it)
Really nothing unless you nitpick!

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