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‘Barry’s’ Anthony Carrigan cast in ‘Bill & Ted 3’

Anthony Carrigan cast in ‘Bill & Ted 3’!

Are you ready for more Keanu Reeves coverage? Was David Brooke’s interview not enough to satisfy your Anthony Carrigan fix? Then AiPT! has some good news for you.

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Carrigan will be joining Reeves and Alex Winters in Bill & Ted Face the Music. Carrigan plays Noho Hank in HBO’s dark comedy Barry. Understandably, there have not been too many details released about his role in Face the Music, but it was announced that Carrigan will be playing the time traveling duo’s relentless adversary.


Scheduled to start shooting later this year, Face the Music sees the now middle aged Bill and Ted living out their lives. They have yet to fulfill their destiny when a visitor from the future visits them to let them know they can create a song to save the universe. (This almost definitely will not be Rufus. Winters has already stated the role played by the late George Carlin will not be recast.)

Bill and Ted Face the Music is scheduled to be released August 21, 2020.



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