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Thanos goes through some ch-ch-changes in Guardians of the Galaxy #6

Two major villains die in Guardians of the Galaxy #6!

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. For more read our review.

In a big twist (so very twisty) Donny Cates revealed in his first stab at Guardians of the Galaxy that Thanos wasn’t 100% dead. Hela was after his head to help reanimate him and the only force to stand in their way was the Guardians. In the finale of the first arc in Guardians of the Galaxy #6, Geoff Shaw and Cates bring the heat with plenty of fighting and climactic developments.

So now Thanos is nearly back in one piece with his mind and body replenished. Gamora enters the fray and is going to do what she’s done before and kill Thanos once and for all. Apparently, Thanos’ consciousness is inside his brother Eros (aka Starfox). How will she stop him from transferring Thanos’ mind over?

A little stabby stabby!

Gamora commits murder once again to put Thanos down for good. In a great but quick scene (seriously pick up the issue and read it!) Thanos stumbles out, seemingly alive. But no, he’s a monstrous, unfinished form of Thanos. Cool!

In a sequence of quick actions, Thanos is taken out with a gun that shoots black holes.

He ain’t coming back from that one folks!

I recommend you read the entire issue to get the full picture. What do you think, is Thanos really dead for good this time? What about his poor brother Eros, should we feel bad for him? Sound off in the comments.


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