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The Jennifer Van Damsel Cosplay Collection

Jennifer Van Damsel’s cosplay will blow you away.

Jennifer Van Damsel’s Catwoman cosplay stole our attention from the jump, so we knew we had to track down more of her work and feature it for the masses to enjoy. The following are some of our favorite Jennifer cosplay offerings, which include comic book, video game and pop culture favorites as well as her own unique spins on beloved characters:

Major Matoko Kusanagai (Ghost in the Shell)

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I bought a Major t shirt at @boxlunchgifts the other day so I thought I would share a picture of my Major cosplay from last year πŸ’™πŸ–€πŸ’œ I really like using the silhouettes of designs but I prefer to use fabrics that I just love over ones that are accurate. Fabric shopping is my favorite part of cosplay actually 🀣 I just love fabric… and shopping… apparently Haha. Omg it's both good and bad having this obsession because it's so awesome to buy a fabric that inspires you and maybe you find the perfect project for it a year later ! But that also makes for lots and lots of fabric in storage Haha. For this cosplay, I used a lot of @yayahan 's line of @joann_stores @cosplayfabrics , opting to use silver for the bodysuit and a cool textured fabric for the shin guards instead of the flat off white color used in the anime. And I just thought black accessories looked better with them πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ just do whatever you want when it comes to cosplay! Be accurate, put your own twist , make from scratch, buy and mod, whatever makes you happy! This store is also dangerous because they had soooo much Disney stuff hahaha. Oh boy 🀣 . .#tryingtolookcool #imissmypurplehair #ghostintheshell #majormotokokusanagi #anime #funlighting #tshirtstory #randomtrainofthought #throwback #notthursday

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Steampunk Supergirl and classic Supergirl

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So something really random happened! A few days ago, I posted a picture of my 1887 Supergirl and talked about how I was watching Mad Men. I just watched one of the last episodes of the show, and this very globe I used in the shoot was in the episode! I had to pause and rewind to be sure 🧐 and it definitely is the same one 🀣 I was like 😲😲😲 … Man, when that's the most exciting thing that happened to you this week πŸ€” hahah. . .Costume and photo by me! If you think that's cool, consider joining my Patreon to help fund more projects like this one. I'm almost done with a new costume πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Thanks again to @killerkaijukomics for letting me borrow this haunted globe 🀣🀣 1887 Cosplay inspired by the amazing art of @michaeldooneyart #random #spooky #justjenthings #vintage #stuff #toomuchtv #whattimeisit

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We now return to our regularly scheduled programming β€πŸ’™ Anything exciting I've missed in the last week?! I dont know why but I've been feeling all the cheesy one liners recently 🀣🀣 actually it's probably because I've been watching a loooot of Mad Men. I can't believe it has taken me so long honestly and you could say I have probably been obsessed haha. Of course I'm super inspired to do a shoot in a 60s theme now! I love themes based on time periods as you probably already know 🀣 and I have a character in mind already that I think will fit perfectly πŸ€”. . .Costume, set, and photography all made by me! If you think that's cool, consider joining my Patreon to help fund more projects like this one β€πŸ’™ #victorian #theme #timeperiod #retro #toomuchtv #arehashtagsbackyet #outoftheloop #whatsnew #photography #cosplay #stuffstuffandmorestuff

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Jim Lee's Catwoman from Hush πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ–€. . .Oh yeah, I talked about this photo last month but then never actually posted the whole thing haha. Well its cropped because of Instagram but anyways 🀣🀣 Here it is! I was saying that it was the first photo I edited in 2019 so now I can look back and compare my last photo of 2019… if I remember to do it haha. My big goal is to work on my angles and posing! Anyways once again I am procrastinating by sitting here on my phone telling you a long story instead of doing the important stuff I'm supposed to do today 🀣🀣 well it's still early, right? Haha . .Thanks to @invictawatch for hiring me which lead me to doing this version of Catwoman and meeting Jim Lee wearing it πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. Suit, set, and photo by me! If you think that's cool, consider joining my Patreon to help fund more projects like this one! #lighting #colorsarefun #yayforideasworking #thatclockonlyfellonmyheadfourtimes #zipperisupandimkindasad #glowingboobs #gotham #hush

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Death (Sandman)

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New Side Quest photo set releasing on my Patreon this month πŸ–€ Death from Sandman! This set is pretty special to me actually. My friend @helloitsm0 helped me with my makeup, I wore my Rhapsody wig from when I worked at @overgroundcomics , the hat is from my Zatanna cosplay which is what I was wearing when I met one of my favorite humans, the skull is from my Wednesday Addams set which @_kid_wolf helped me with last year, the umbrella I bought to do a shoot with my Totoro onsie which my friend gifted me, the vase is from one of my favorite sets I have ever done (The Virgin), I had some camera assistance, and the flowers i bought on a random prop shopping trip thanks to my Patreon! Death is one of my favorite characters so i have been wanting to cosplay her for a long time. I was suddenly inspired to do this shoot finally and had to make the Ankh necklace out of craft foam that day hahha. Pretty surprised I didnt actually already own one honestly hahha. I think this photo most captures Death's personality and everything I wanted out of the shoot. Anyways! Haha rambling on. If you think that's cool, consider joining my Patreon to see the rest of the photos including more from my "Nude" lingerie set and my 1887 Supergirl! πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€ Have a great day, you guys ! . .#longstory #icanttellshortstories #death #sandman #cosplay #blackandwhite #practice #nudebutnot #whenyoureanemogirl #listeningtoafi #butreallyiwas

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Sailor Neptune

Power Girl (Victorian-style)

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I have some special Friday night plans. What about you? πŸ’™πŸ˜‰β€ . . Actually that's a lie. I have no special plans haha. But I wanted to have a fun caption for this one and I couldnt resist! 🀣🀣 so far I worked out, made a yummy breakfast, washed my hair, relaxed a bit, and now I'm gonna buckle in for a little work and take a break with a movie later! No matter what your plans are for tonight, try and have as much fun with it as possible! ❀❀ . . 1887 Power Girl inspired by @michaeldooneyart ! Costume, set, and photography by me! If you think that's cool, consider joining my Patreon to help fund more projects like this one! . . #fridaynight #silly #powerthighs #boobwindow #lingerie #photography #wecandoit #victorianboudior #idontevenlikethewordboudior #BOOD-WAR #itsjustaweirdwordtosay

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1887 Power Girl will always have a very special place in my heart ❀ Now to decide a new character to give the Victorian treatment! What do you think? πŸ€” . . This is the Patreon print for the month of December for the Burnished Lands and Spellbound Shores. But it's my 3 Year Anniversary this month, so we are doubling up on prints, polaroids, plus an extra side quest shoot ! So now is a great time to join if you're curious about my Patreon πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—. . . Costume design by the wonderful @michaeldooneyart . Costume and photography by me @jennifervandamsel. If you think that's cool, consider joining my Patreon to get this print and fund more projects like this one ! #photography #cosplay #powergirl #dc #saturday #new #rufflebutt #cantnothavegarters #thighhighsarelife

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Elven Princess

Harley Quinn

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I get asked a lot who my favorite character to cosplay as is. After recently finishing, shooting, editing, and wearing my @amandaconnerart Harley Quinn to a few cons, I really think Halrey is just so much fun. The variety of her character, from style to facial expressions to props, really makes her special to me πŸ–€β€ . . Today is the last day to get this High Resolution set from my Patreon! I made the costume, took, and edited the photos myself! If you think that's cool, consider joining my Patreon to get Behind the Scenes commentary, vote for upcoming shoots, and get lots of loot – all made by me! Thank you so much to my current Patrons for believing in me and supporting fun projects like this one! Cant wait to start November ! . .#dc #comic #harleyquinn #silly #thankful #fun #cosplay #photography #october #funnyphoto #didyounoticeit

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Mary Jane (Spider-Man)

Raven (Teen Titans)

Sexy Halloween Witch

Big Boss Peach (Metal Gear Solid/Super Mario)

Raiden (Mortal Kombat)

Bond Girl (James Bond)

Ewok (Star Wars)

Misty (Pokemon)


X-23 (Logan)

Which Jennifer Van Damsel cosplay is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

For more of Jennifer’s work, check out her Patreon.


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