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AiPT! Comics Podcast Ep 26: Special guest DC Comics writer Josh Williamson talks Batman/Superman & more!

Weekly comics news and reviews to keep you up to date leading into 6/26/19!

Welcome back to the official AiPT! Comics podcast where your hosts Nathan Simmons and David Brooke discuss their favorite comics of last week, news, their most anticipated books out next week.

This week we have special guest DC Comics writer Josh Williamson on the show to talk about his upcoming series Batman/Superman #1 which comes out in August. We also discuss The Flash “Year One” story arc, what he collects (with an anecdote about Brian Michael Bendis, Steve Orlando, and David Mack coming over), and talk about potential future creator-owned work with Mike Henderson! We also play Square Up! with Josh and discuss whether Thanos or Joker would be the better kindergarten teacher.

This week in the news DC Comics bids farewell to their DC Vertigo, DC Ink, and DC Zoom brands, DC announces a new line of YA and middle school age graphic novels, and we go over some of the biggest reveals in the Marvel September solicitations like J.J. Abrams writing Spider-Man, and more! We also take a look at the week ahead.



  1. Rick and Morty #51 (W: Kyle Starks; Magdalene Visaggio, A: Marc Ellerby; Ian McGinty)
  2. Savage Sword of Conan #6 (W: Meredith Finch, A: Luke Ross)


  1. James Bond 007 #8 (W: Greg Pak, A: Eric Gapstur)
  2. Barbarella/Dejah Thoris #4 (W: Leah Williams, A: German Garcia)

Check out our favorite cover art out next week, June 26th below including The Flash #73 by Doc Shaner and Dick Tracey: Forever #3 by Michael Avon Oeming.

You can find AiPT! Comics on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts. As always, if you enjoy the podcast, be sure to leave us a positive rating, subscribe to the show and tell your friends!


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