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Did Eli Drake just confirm Hulk Hogan will be playable in WWE 2K20?

The former Impact World Champion recently did Hulk Hogan motion capture for 2K Games.

Update: Drake has clarified his comments on Twitter. See the end of the article for details.

Former Impact World Champion Eli Drake was recently a guest on Chris Van Vliet’s YouTube channel, where he touched on many topics, and dropped the interesting tidbit that Hulk Hogan will be a playable character in WWE 2K20.

Drake has done motion capture work for 2K Games for several years now, mimicking entrances, doing moves, and performing taunts that the developer can convert into animations for use in the game. While recounting some of his time there, he said that one of his favorite entrances to recreate was a recent one in Hulk Hogan, and saying: “One of my favorite ones that I just did, it’s not going to be out until probably 2K20 — Hulk Hogan, old school entrance. The best. That was a dream come true.”

This is interesting news, as Hulk Hogan has not appeared in a WWE game since 2014, as a member of the roster in WWE 2K15. The controversy surrounding his leaked sex tape led him to becoming a persona non grata in WWE, which extended to video games. However, in recent months, the relationship between WWE and Hogan seem to be improving. The WWE Hall of Famer made in appearance at WrestleMania 35 in April.

We don’t yet know much about WWE 2K20, but the series usually releases new versions in October. It will presumably be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, as well as PC.

UPDATE: Drake has clarified his statement on Twitter, saying he did Hogan motion capture “just in case.” Of course, that’s what he would say if he accidentally let the cat out of the bag…


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