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WWE Network to stream Evolve 10th Anniversary show opposite AEW Fight for the Fallen

“Evolve 131” will feature numerous WWE talent, including Evolve alums.

There’s been a lot of discussion among wrestlers fans regarding how WWE could better draw customers to their network. One idea that continues to rise to the top of that suggestion pile is offering other independent promotions on the WWE network.

The idea being that it would bring fans to the network who otherwise wouldn’t be paying for the service, and hopefully they stick around for the WWE content. It would be a win for the independent companies that would kill for that kind of exposure, and a win for WWE by bringing a whole new group of fans to their product.

Well, it looks like that is actually going to finally happen. In an interview with TheWrap, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE executive vice president of talent, live events, and creative, confirmed that Evolve Wrestling’s 10th Anniversary Celebration will be aired exclusively on the WWE network.

“Evolve was the birthplace for many current WWE and NXT Superstars so it is only fitting that their 10th Anniversary Celebration will be showcased live on WWE Network,” said Triple H.

The anniversary celebration — also known as “Evolve 131” — will feature NXT World Champion Adam Cole in a match where he will defend his title against WWE Superstar Akira Tozawa of the 205Live brand. Also featured on the show is a match between fellow Evolve alums NXT Superstar Matt Riddle and WWE Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak. This bout will be a non-title match.

This in itself is already a momentous occasion worth celebrating. But things get even more interesting once you look at the date of the show, July 13. What’s so special about this day? Why it’s the same day as AEW’s Fight For The Fallen event in Jacksonville, Florida, which will stream free on B/R Live.

It appears that shots have been fired.

Now you have to wonder, will this lead to Progress and other indie promotions being feature on the network? Or is this a special one off? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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