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Poor Taste Wrestling podcast episode 58: “I am alive”

A week of Twitter beefs, Stomping Grounds review, and Fyter Fest preview.

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The wrestling world seemed to tense up this week, as there were Twitter beefs aplenty, especially involving The Tweetslayer himself, Seth Rollins. Rollins had thoughts of everyone from Jon Moxley to Will Ospreay this week, and Kenny Omega had some rare fightin’ words to fling at WWE as well.

We’re also coming off a surprisingly very entertaining WWE Stomping Grounds, and just a day away from AEW’s next event, Fyter Fest, so we break down both of those on this week’s episode.

Poor Taste Wrestling is hosted by JJ "Job Van Dam" Travers, Mike "The Wolverine" Pursell, and "HCK" Patrick Ross.

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