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Manga to look forward to in July

Your go-to guide for this month’s manga and light novel releases.

If you’re like us, you love manga and light novels. With the sheer amount of them coming out at any one time, however, it can be hard to decide which titles are most worthy of your attention and hard-earned money. We’re here to help, with spotlights on the volumes we’re most looking forward to this month, various new series debuting, and other notable releases.

Our top five must-buys

Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction Vol. 6

Viz Media

By Inio Asano, published by Viz Media
Release date: 7/16/19

Sci-fi doesn’t get much better than this. It’s often said that genre fiction succeeds most when it uses its trappings to enhance the story’s human drama, but Asano isn’t content to just do that. Yes, the main plot following our young protagonists as they navigate a near-apocalypse capitalist hellscape is humorous and true to reality in all the worst ways. But the alien-centric portions of the narrative are also great, as Asano confronts ugly realities of war and xenophobia head-on. The last volume also had humans and aliens mingling in ways the series never had before, so I’m eager to see how those plot points develop in Vol. 6. This is a manga where I never know what to expect except for a good, and thought-provoking, time.


Skull-face Bookseller Honda-San Vol. 1

Yen Press

By Honda, published by Yen Press
Release date: 7/30/19

Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san was one of my favorite shows (anime or otherwise) of last year and I was elated to hear that Yen Press was picking up the license! The series follows the titular Honda-san who, as you might surmise, works at a bookstore where he navigates stocking shelves and making recommendations to customers in a slice-of-life comedy where all the employees happen to have irregular heads. What I mean by this, is not only is Honda-san a skeleton, but one of his coworkers always wears a knight’s helmet while another always wears a plague doctor’s mask, and so on. I’ve never seen an anime represent so many very real struggles of working retail and I felt very seen as I gobbled up each episode every week, making the original manga a must buy.


DIVE!! Vol. 3

Yen Press

By Eto Mori & Ruzuru Akashiba, published by Yen Press
Release date: 7/23/19

I’m a big fan of sports manga, and one of my favorite recent discoveries in the genre is Eto Mori and Ruzuru Akashiba’s DIVE!! I’ve never seen the anime version so I can’t comment on however they may differ, but I do know that the manga is awesome. Thus far, it’s delivered both of the key elements I look for: well-illustrated and easily understandable athletic action, and dynamic characters with fleshed out personalities and story arcs. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how Youichi and co. continue to grow. This is sure to be a bittersweet read for me though since it’s the final installment in the series.


Our Dreams at Dusk: Shimanami Tasogare Vol. 2

Seven Seas Entertainment

By Yuhki Kamatani, published by Seven Seas Entertainment
Release date: 7/23/19

I’m so, so glad we’re already getting volume 2 of Our Dreams at Dusk, because the first volume immediately cemented itself in my “Best of the Year” list for manga and made me desperate for more the moment I put it down. Kamatani’s visual storytelling is absolutely breathtaking and the way they convey the internal violence that closeted queer people endure from themselves and others is incredibly affecting. The first volume made a lot of introductions and I can’t wait to see the next steps in protagonist Tasuku’s journey into–hopefully–self-acceptance and self-actualization.


Yuri Is My Job! Vol. 4

Kodansha Comics

By Miman, published by Kodansha Comics
Release date: 7/16/19

Look up the term “character-driven” and you’ll find a picture of Yuri Is My Job! Kanoko’s feelings for Hime were a major pillar of Vol. 3, and I’m eager to see how things play out for them in Vol. 4. The synopsis also promises a cautionary story from Sumika which I’m very eager to read. Liebe Girls Academy has always been a great setting for the murky mixture of truth and deceit in the protagonists’ lives, and I’m eager to return to it this month. Plus, who won the Blume contest?


Series debuts

Who doesn’t love finding a series as it’s just beginning and then following along through its run? If you’re looking to try out a volume one or a standalone read, here are some options this month:

The Alchemist Who Survived Now Dreams of a Quiet City Life Vol. 1 – Yen Press, 7/30/19
BEASTARS Vol. 1 – Viz Media, 7/16/19
Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki Vol. 1 (Light novel) – Yen Press, 7/30/19
Bungo Stray Dogs Vol. 1 (Light novel) – Yen Press, 7/23/19
Cocoon Entwined Vol. 1 – Yen Press, 7/30/19
Daytime Shooting Star Vol. 1 – Viz Media, 7/2/19
The Dirty Way to Destroy the Goddess’s Heroes Vol. 1 (Light novel) – Yen Press, 7/30/19
Divine Raiment Magical Girl Howling Moon Vol. 1 – Yen Press, 7/23/19
Farewell, My Dear Cramer Vol. 1 – Kodansha Comics, 7/30/19
Final Fantasy XIII-2: Fragments Before – Yen Press, 7/30/19
The Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network – Kodansha Comics, 7/16/19
Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day Vol. 1 – Yen Press, 7/23/19
Killing Me! Vol. 1 – Yen Press, 7/30/19
Last Round Arthurs: Scum Arthur & Heretic Merlin Vol. 1 (Light novel) – Yen Press, 7/30/19
Little Witch Academia (Light novel) – Yen Press, 7/30/19
Magus of the Library Vol. 1 – Kodansha Comics, 7/9/19
My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Vol. 1 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/30/19
Mythical Beast Investigator Vol. 1 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/9/19
Secretly, I’ve Been Suffering About Being Sexless – Yen Press, 7/30/19
Skeleton Knight in Another World Vol. 1 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/9/19
Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san Vol. 1 – Yen Press, 7/30/19
Star Blazers 2199 Omnibus Vol. 1 – Dark Horse, 7/31/19
Torture Princess: Fremd Torturchen – Yen Press, 7/30/19
Voices of a Distant Star (Light novel) – Vertical, 7/30/19
Woof Woof Story: I Told You to Turn Me Into a Pampered Pooch, Not Fenrir! Vol. 1 – Yen Press, 7/30/19
Yuri Life – Yen Press, 7/30/19

Ongoing series

On the lookout for the next installment of your favorite series? We’ve put together a list of this month’s upcoming releases.

A Certain Magical Index Vol. 18 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/23/19
A Certain Scientific Railgun: Astral Buddy Vol. 2 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/23/19
Alice in Murderland Vol. 11
– Yen Press, 7/2/19
Altair: A Record of Battles Vol. 11 – Kodansha Comics, 7/16/19
Angels of Death Vol. 7 – Yen Press, 7/23/19
Anonymous Noise Vol. 15 – Viz Media, 7/2/19
Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest Vol. 6 (Light novel) – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/9/19
Asahi-sempai’s Favorite Vol. 5 – Kodansha Comics, 7/30/19
Back Street Girls Vol. 12 – Kodansha Comics, 7/30/19
Black Clover Vol. 16 – Viz Media, 7/2/19
Blade of the Immortal Omnibus Vol. 9 – Dark Horse, 7/10/19
Boarding School Juliet Vol. 11 – Kodansha Comics, 7/23/19
The Bride & the Exorcist Knight Vol. 4 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/23/19
BTOOOM! Vol. 25 – Yen Press, 7/23/19
Can You Just Die, My Darling? Vol. 10 – Kodansha Comics, 7/23/19
Case Closed Vol. 71 – Viz Media, 7/9/19
Children of the Whales Vol. 11 – Viz Media, 7/16/19
Citrus Vol. 10 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/23/19
Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction Vol. 6 – 7/16/19
Defeating the Demon Lord’s a Cinch (If You’ve Got a Ringer) Vol. 4 – Yen Press, 7/23/19
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Vol. 7 – Viz Media, 7/2/19
D-Frag! Vol. 13 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/30/19
DIVE!! Vol. 3 – Yen Press, 7/23/19
Domestic Girlfriend Vol. 19 – Kodansha Comics, 7/30/19
Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? Vol. 3 (Light novel) – Yen Press, 7/23/19
Dreamin’ Sun Vol. 9 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/23/19
Drowning Love Vol. 13 – Kodansha Comics, 7/30/19
Dr. STONE Vol. 6 – Viz Media, 7/2/19
86–EIGHTY-SIX Vol. 2 (Light novel) — Yen Press, 7/23/19
Elegant Yokai Apartment Life Vol. 15 – Kodansha Comics, 7/23/19
Eromanga Sensei Vol. 3 – Dark Horse, 7/24/19
Fairy Tale Battle Royale Vol. 3 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/30/19
Fire Punch Vol. 7 – Viz Media, 7/16/19
Gabriel Dropout Vol. 7 – Yen Press, 7/16/19
Gleipnir Vol. 3 – Kodansha Comics, 7/23/19
Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One Vol. 2 (Light novel) – 7/23/19
Grand Blue Dreaming Vol. 7 – Kodansha Comics, 7/2/19
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Vol. 10 (Light novel) – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/30/19
Haikyu!! Vol. 33 – Viz Media, 7/2/19
Harukana Receive Vol. 4 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/30/19
High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World! Vol. 4 – Yen Press, 7/30/19
Himouto! Umaru-chan Vol. 6 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/9/19
Hitorijime My Hero Vol. 4 – Kodansha Comics, 7/9/19
Hotaru’s Way Vol. 10 – Kodansha Comics, 7/30/19
I’m Standing on a Million Lives Vol. 7 – Kodansha Comics, 7/23/19
Interspecies Reviewers Vol. 2 – Yen Press, 7/23/19
The Irregular at Magic High School Vol. 12 (light novel) – Yen Press, 7/9/19
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side: Sword Oratoria Vol. 8 – Yen Press, 7/30/19
Kaguya-sama: Love is War Vol. 9 – Viz Media, 7/2/19
Kakafukaka Vol. 8 – Kodansha Comics, 7/30/19
Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits Vol. 4 – Viz Media, 7/2/19
Kira-kun Today Vol. 9 – Kodansha Comics, 7/9/19
Knights Of Sidonia Master Edition Vol. 2 – Vertical, 7/9/19
Legend of the Galactic Heroes Vol. 9: Upheaval – Viz Media, 7/16/19
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Vol. 5 – Viz Media, 7/9/19
Mikami-sensei’s Way of Love Vol. 6 – Kodansha Comics, 7/16/19
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Vol. 8 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/30/19
Mobile Suit GUNDAM WING Endless Waltz: Glory Of Losers Vol. 13 – Vertical, 7/2/19
Mob Psycho 100 Vol. 3 – Dark Horse, 7/31/19
Murciélago, Vol. 11 – Yen Press, 7/30/19
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Vol. 2 (Light novel) – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/30/19
My Boyfriend in Orange Vol. 7 – Kodansha Comics, 7/23/19
My Boy in Blue Vol. 11 – Kodansha Comics, 7/30/19
My Hero Academia: School Briefs Vol. 2 (Light novel) – Viz Media, 7/2/19
My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Vol. 5 – Viz Media, 7/2/19
My Sweet Girl Vol. 4 – Kodansha Comics, 7/2/19
New Game! Vol. 6 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/23/19
Nyankees Vol. 3 – Yen Press, 7/23/19
Oresama Teacher Vol. 26 – Viz Media, 7/2/19
Our Dreams at Dusk: Shimanami Tasogare Vol. 2 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/23/19
Our Precious Conversations Vol. 3 – Kodansha Comics, 7/2/19
Perfect World Vol. 9 – Kodansha Comics, 7/2/19
Platinum End Vol. 9 – Viz Media, 7/2/19
Precarious Woman Executive Miss Black General Vol. 4 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/30/19
The Quintessential Quintuplets Vol. 4 – Kodansha Comics, 7/16/19
The Quintessential Quintuplets Vol. 9 – Kodansha Comics, 7/16/19
Radiant Vol. 6 – Viz Media, 7/9/19
Ran the Peerless Beauty Vol. 5 – Kodansha Comics, 7/9/19
RIN-NE Vol. 30 – Viz Media, 7/9/19
Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts Vol. 6 – Yen Press, 7/30/19
The Saga of Tanya the Evil Vol. 6 (Light novel) – Yen Press, 7/30/19
The Saga of Tanya the Evil Vol. 7 (Manga) – Yen Press, 7/23/19
Sekirei Vol. 9 – Yen Press, 7/30/19
The Seven Deadly Sins Vol. 33 – Kodansha Comics, 7/23/19
Snow White with the Red Hair Vol. 2 – Viz Media, 7/2/19
So I’m a Spider, So What? Vol. 6 – Yen Press, 7/30/19
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Vol. 2: Heed My Call, Beast! Part 2 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/23/19
Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online Vol. 4 (Light novel) – Yen Press, 7/30/19
Sword Art Online Progressive 6 (Light novel) – Yen Press, 7/9/19
The Tale of Genji: Dreams at Dawn Vol. 5 – Kodansha Comics, 7/2/19
Teasing Master Takagi-san Vol. 5 – Yen Press, 7/23/19
Terra Formars Vol. 21 – Viz Media, 7/16/19
Tokyo Alice Vol. 13 – Kodansha Comics, 7/23/19
Tokyo Revengers Vol. 9 – Kodansha Comics, 7/16/19
To Love Ru Darkness Vol. 11 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/2/19
Tomo-chan is a Girl! Vol. 4 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/9/19
Toradora! Vol. 6 (Light novel) – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/23/19
To Your Eternity Vol. 10 – Kodansha Comics, 7/23/19
Triage X Vol. 18 – Yen Press, 7/23/19
Umineko WHEN THEY CRY Episode 8: Twilight of the Golden Witch Vol. 2 – Yen Press, 7/23/19
Vampire Knight: Memories Vol. 3 – Viz Media, 7/2/19
The Water Dragon’s Bride Vol. 10 – Viz Media, 7/2/19
Witchcraft Works Vol. 12 – Vertical, 7/23/19
World’s End and Apricot Jam Vol. 6 – Kodansha Comics, 7/9/19
WorldEnd: What Do You Do at the End of the World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us? Vol. 4 – Yen Press, 7/23/19
Yuri Is My Job! Vol. 4 – Kodansha Comics, 7/16/19
Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Vol. 6 – Seven Seas Entertainment, 7/2/19
Zo Zo Zombie Vol. 4 – Yen Press, 7/30/19

Note: Release dates are always subject to change due to publishing delays. Between small presses and as-yet-unannounced volumes, this list doesn’t include all the manga set to be released in English this month but it does cover most large companies and imprints.

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