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Adventures in Movies!

Adventures in Movies! Special Edition: Far From Home/Midsommar Double Feature

The first AiM! double feature sees the guys talk about ‘Far From Home’ and ‘Midsommar’.

Danny, Blake, and Nathaniel talk about two of the most anticipated movies of the summer. Spider-Man: Far From Home and Midsommar may seem like two completely different movies, but they have more in common than you may realized. The three cover each movie from beginning to end.


Spider-Man: Far From Home may officially be the end of the Third Phase, but it is just as much of a beginning. The crew discusses the major changes in Peter Parker’s life following Avengers: Endgame and what that means to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They also talk about the movie’s tone and what they thought of watching a bunch of high school kids on a European trip.

Far From Home also leaves the audiences with some major questions. Danny, Blake, and Nathaniel think they have answers. They just don’t know if they are the right ones.

Midsommar looks like one of the most horrifying movies of the year. The gang discusses whether the movie lives up to its lofty expectations. They also discuss whether bright lights work in a horror movie, how important the concept of time is, and pubic hair. Plus, Yakety Sax!

Adventures in Movies! is hosted by Nathaniel Muir and Danny. You can find Nathaniel on Instagram at nathaninpoortaste. Danny can be found on Twitter @default_player and on Instagram at default_player. Blake can be found on Twitter @foureyedhorror and on Instagram at foureyedhorror. You can reach us personally or on Twitter @AiPTMovies.


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