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Find out how ‘Weapon Plus’ #1 connects Weapon X to Captain America

Captain America inspires many and in this case, he inspires very bad people.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. Read our review for more.

When it was announced Wolverine and Captain America: Weapon Plus #1 was coming out July 10th many pricked up their ears. Is Marvel Comics retconning the Weapon’s program so that Cap and Wolverine were somehow connected? We already knew the program had many creations including Deadpool, but writer Ethan Sacks might be introducing new revelations. Today, we find out one big one.

Early on in the issue, we learn from a recording of Fantomex (he’s dead but the recording lives on) it was Captain America who inspired the program to start in the first place.

Captain America is obviously upset by this, but how could he have inspired such a torturous program?

It turns out a little boy who loved Cap was beat up for dressing like him.

Bullies are the worst! That beat down he received drove Billy Junger to make everyone a super soldier presumably so they won’t get beat up for loving their heroes. Fantomex goes on to explain the Weapon’s program reached the prison industrial complex and mass-market psychotherapy. That’s far-reaching.

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Through a set of flashbacks, we learn Billy continued to get bullied as a scientist, but also that he’s a bit eccentric and nuts. Why not do some testing on him, eh?

Then later we see Billy on the verge of killing someone thanks to his treatments, but a few panels later we see Abraham Cornelius looking fondly at Wolverine in a tank. Yep, that’s the Weapon X program. So in some aspect, Billy is connected to Wolverine getting adamantium.

It’s all connected! Essentially what we learn here is that this new character Billy was closely tied to Cap and then from then on to programs that were attempting to make super soldiers. He’s now the main antagonist in Weapon Plus and is sure to throw even weirder and more dangerous creations at Cap and Wolverine.

This is only a fraction of the story though and I highly recommend you check out the full issue to get the full picture.


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