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Jim Ross on chair shots to the head: “We’re done with that business”

‘I’ll just come out and say what I would do: I wouldn’t do any more chair shots to the head.’

On the latest Steve Austin Show podcast with guest Jim Ross, they discuss many things related to AEW including the hotly debated chair shot Cody Rhodes took from Shawn Spears at Fyter Fest. Both J.R and Steve Austin pull no punches with the issue and criticize the decision. CTE has been an important discussion in the medical and sports field, especially since the murder/suicide of Chris Benoit and his wife and son. Jim Ross expands on his dislike for the gimmick not only because of the dangers but the lack of creativity that comes with it.

“I allude to this earlier. I’ll just come out and say what I would do. I wouldn’t do any more chair shots to the head. We’re done with that business. If I can’t have a team around me that are creative enough to get me the results of what I want in this angle or story line without having to scramble somebody’s brains for real, then I need to find some more hands. ‘Cause we got the wrong staff here”

Jim Ross on July 9th, 2019 episode of The Steve Austin Show

JR believes if a chair shot to the head is in a wrestler’s arsenal, even when reserved for the most important of moments, those moments will happen all too often. He also went on to discuss his displeasure with the use of chairs in a match even outside of head shots, stating how overused the spot is and how poor the results are from it. To summarize, having someone on their knees or on all fours waiting to get hit with a chair to the back is a silly concept. More importantly, the use of the chair never results in a loss for the victim or win for the user. They both however agree that a chair used sparingly can have a big impact.

In the episode, Jim Ross details the origin of his role as Senior Advisor to AEW, the rough road after his wife Jan passed and the time Stone Cold hit JR harder than he had ever been hit before.


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