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The Stand miniseries coming to Blu-Ray

The Stand is coming to Blu-Ray this September.

Stephen King’s miniseries The Stand first aired on ABC in 1994. It was based on the best -selling novel of the same name that was published in 1978. Since then it has become known as a favorite among King adaptations. Starring Molly Ringwald and Gary Sinise, the popular miniseries is coming to Blu-Ray this September.

The Stand tells the story of the Earth’s remaining citizens as they work to survive after a virus has killed the majority of the population. The survivors are left to depend on their dreams for guidance as they search for answers in a post apocalyptic world.


Directed by Mike Garris and written by Stephen King, the miniseries featured an all-star cast. In addition to Molly Ringwald and Gary Sinise, Rob Lowe, Ed Harris, Laura San Giacomo, and Miguel Ferrer are just a few of the cast members in this epic story.

CBS and Paramount will release the Blu-Ray on September 24th.


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