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Freddie Jones is dead at 91

Long time actor, Freddie Jones has died at 91.

Freddie Jones, born Frederick Charles Jones, has passed away at the age of 91. Jones was a British actor known for his work in cinema, television, and theater. Jones has been working steadily all his life. He starred in Emmerdale up until last year.

Jones, once a lab assistant, has made a huge name for himself over the past sixty years. He first debuted on stage in 1962 with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He then moved on to make a name for himself in British television in the 1960’s. Jones played Sandy Thomas for thirteen years in Emmerdale, a long running British soap opera about a fictional village situated in the Yorkshire Dales.


Jones had an illustrious film career, gaining worldwide notoriety. He has appeared in many David Lynch films such as The Elephant Man, Wild at Heart, and Dune. Recently, Lynch took to Twitter to express his condolences, “I loved, loved, loved Freddie Jones. Man-o-man will he be missed.”



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