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Overwatch players discover bug to access Winter Blizzard World through the Workshop

Winter Blizzard World and a Mei catapult.

Every so often glitches appear in Overwatch and more often than not they’re met with anger from the community. A glitch typically creates an unfair playing environment, takes a map out of play or breaks a hero.

But not today. No my friends, today is different. Today a group of Overwatch players discovered two glitches and not only do they not negatively impact the game, they make it hilarious and amazingly fun.

The glitch allows players using the Workshop on the Blizzard World map to access the Winter version and turn Mei’s Ice Wall into a catapult capable of launching players into outer space. See for yourself below.


Special thanks to Reddit user Linkyop for sharing this hilariously awesome glitch with the Overwatch community and to Reddit user Flarn2006 for outlining the steps to get into Winter Blizzard World.

To enter Winter Blizzard World:

  1. Create a custom game. Open the settings menu, go to “Lobby”, and set “Return to lobby” to “Never”.

  2. Open the Workshop editor. Create a new “Ongoing – Global” rule.

  3. Add a “Wait” action, set for 20 seconds, then add a “Declare Match Draw” action.

  4. Start the game.

  5. Press Escape, and select Show Lobby. Open the custom game settings, and load the preset JTM06 (ENTER THIS CODE)

  6. Exit the custom game settings screen. If it worked, you will see the usual “custom game settings updated” message. Don’t worry if you see error messages saying “invalid options” and it won’t let you restart the match–this is why you set the match to end in a draw after 20 seconds.

  7. Wait for the game to end (again, it won’t take long at all) and let it restart. When it does, it should load you into Winter Blizzard World! (Or perhaps another winter map, but I’ve only seen Blizzard World.)

Normally players can only access Winter Blizzard World during the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event. Hopefully Blizzard decides to let the glitch stand, or officially allow players access to the map via the Workshop, as the community is absolutely delighted with Mei’s new super catapult.

(Editor’s note — This article has been updated to correctly reflect that Reddit user Flarn2006 was the individual who discovered the glitch.)


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