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Watch: Teaser Trailer for ‘The King’s Man’

Watch the teaser trailer for ‘The King’s Man.’

20th Century Fox has released the teaser trailer for The King’s Man and it looks bonkers! This trailer is filled with spies, secret meetings, gunfights, war, and what appears to be a sword wielding Rasputin.

Ralph Fiennes and Harris Dickinson star in this action film and it looks like they are teaming up to fight many foes. The King’s Man, which was originally titled Kingsman: The Great Game, is a prequel to the Kingsman series. The first two films in the Kingsman series starred Colin Firth in 2014’s Kingsman: Secret Service and in 2017’s Kingsman:  The Golden Circle. 

The Kingsman series is based on the comic book Kingsman, written by Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar, both of whom have writing credits in the film adaptation. Matthew Vaughn will continue the direction of the series. In addition to Fiennes and Dickinson, The King’s Man will also feature Gemma Arterton, Tom Holland, and Matthew Goode.

The film will be hitting theaters in February 2020.


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