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The Overwatch 2019 Summer Games event kicks off today

New skins and the return of Lucioball!

Today Blizzard gifted Overwatch fans with an unexpected surprise — the start of the Overwatch 2019 Summer Games!

As with the Summer Games that came before it, this year’s event brings the fan-favorite game mode Lucioball, new challenges and new cosmetic items.

Weekly Challenges are a new part of Summer Games, which allow players to earn a different epic skin, spray and player icon for the three weeks that the games run: Reaper during week 1, Mei during week 2 and Reinhardt during week 3. Players must secure 9 wins in Quick Play, Competitive Play or Arcade before the week is over to earn the limited-time sprays, player icons and epic skin.

Blizzard Entertainment

During last week’s developer update Game Director Jeff Kaplan warned fans that the Summer Games would be starting earlier this year, it looks like he wasn’t kidding.

Every year the Summer Games theme centers around different athletic events and the beach. Players can earn previous year’s cosmetic items, as well as the seven new skins available with this year’s event: four legendary and three epic.

Lucioball is back, and this time Hammond is getting in on the fun. The hero hamster has his own Lucioball skin that turns him into the game ball.  The fan-favorite game mode will remind players of a combination of soccer and Rocket League, as six Lucio’s race around the field trying to boop a giant ball into the net.

The Summer Games 2019 run from July 16 to Aug. 5.


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