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Watch: Trailer for ‘On Becoming a God in Central Florida’

‘On Becoming a God in Central Florida’ will premiere on August 25th on Showtime.

Showtime premiered the trailer for its new series On Becoming a God in Central Florida. The dark comedy revolves around the character Krystal Stubbs and her desire to take down a pyramid scheme, The Garbeau System.

The series was originally set to air on AMC before moving to YouTube Premium. Created by Robert Funke and Matt Lutsky, the show has found an official home on Showtime.

Leading the cast is Kristen Dunst, who is no stranger to dark comedies and oddball roles.  Her first role was in 1994 where she played a child vampire in Interview with the Vampire. In addition to her numerous credits, she starred in the second season of Fargo where she played Peggy Blumquist, a hair stylist with a number of dark secrets.

The show also stars Ted Levine, Théodore Pellerin, Beth Ditto, and a mullet-sporting Alexander Skarsgård. Judging by the fashion, it appears the show is set in the late 80’s, early 90’s.

The series will premiere on Showtime on August 25th.


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