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Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling Podcast is no more

One of wrestling’s longest running podcasts is ending due to stress and pressure.

On today’s Art of Wrestling podcast feed, host Colt Cabana sent out a seven minute episode announcing he would be discontinuing the show outside of a previously planned live episode and a few more he had already sold advertising for. His reasoning given was the amount of pressure and stress was no longer worth it. Colt’s podcast focused on interviews with independent wrestlers but most importantly it was “a professional wrestling podcast, a life podcast, a personal journal, an entry way into the minds and souls and hearts and lives of the people involved in the world of professional wrestling!” 

The Art of Wrestling is most famously known for the shoot interview with CM Punk after his departure from WWE. This may or may not play into Colt Cabana’s decision to abandon the podcast due to the legal troubles and falling out with his good friend Phil Brooks that have been a thorn in his side for the past several years. It was also one of the first wrestling podcasts to break onto the scene and has been around for the better part of nine years, paving the way for the deluge of wrestling podcasts we have access to today.

Colt stated that while discontinuing further shows, he is considering making all past episodes available on Patreon for a modest $4. This includes interviews with the likes of Neville (PAC), Seth Rollins (Tyler Black), Samoa Joe, Finn Balor (Fergal Devitt), The Young Bucks, Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan and so many more before they become the megastars they are today. 


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