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SDCC 2019: Batman Experience kicks off Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Batman Hall of Fame induction began with games, sights, and more!

The San Diego Comic-Con Museum kicked off their Batman Experience Powered by AT&T and the induction of the character into their new Hall of Fame with the level of class one would expect of Bruce Wayne’s lifestyle. The experience had it all from a violinist group playing the best Batman themes to a full array of movie props to every Batman video game known to mankind available to play. It was a celebration of all things Batman and thanks to the character being inducted in the Comic-Con Museum Hall of Fame it certainly was fitting. This event also doubled as a fundraiser for the museum itself.

The beauty of the event was how well it was all laid out. You could ogle classic Batman suits in one corner; punch a special punching bag with an ever-changing Batman villain brandished on the bag complete with sound effects and onomatopoeia splashing all around you on giant screens in another; you could even play classic Adam West Batman pinball to take you way back to 1966 and for the newer set, every Batman Black and White statue was on display too.

Speaking of Batman Black and White statues, Todd McFarlane was on hand to talk about his statue, which is the latest in the line. To top it off DC made a 12-foot tall replica to be auctioned off at the event. Other works of art and items were at the ready for auctioning off with proceeds going to the Comic-Con Museum for renovations and preparations for its official opening in 2021.

Even though Bruce Wayne never would imbibe the party had cocktails and drinks to offer. The cocktails came in three forms: superhero, villain, and sidekick. No word on if you had too many sidekicks some might get killed. Luckily the two Batmobiles were roped off so no one could drive off with them. The two in the museum were the classic Tim Burton Batmobile and the George Clooney Batmobile.

For those interested in a more interactive experience you could venture to the Dark Knight Dive, a VR indoor skydiving experience where fans take on the role of Batman as he chases Scarecrow over Gotham City. A giant fan pushed folks up into the air while they wore a VR helmet and tried their hand at flying like Batman. I was lucky enough to see Jim Lee try it out just as I was arriving at the location and got to see him sporting a Batman jumper.

Make no mistake, the next five or so hours were filled with things to see, games to play, and plenty to enjoy before the induction ceremony was underway. For more on the ceremony and what was said head on over here.


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